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PLANTA brings its celebrated plant-based cuisine to West Palm Beach

The beloved international plant-based hospitality group expands with a new location in Rosemary Square this March.

This month, popular plant-based hospitality group PLANTA, led by Founder & CEO Steven Salm and Co-founder & Executive Chef David Lee, will open a new location of their flagship restaurant, PLANTA, at Rosemary Square in West Palm Beach. Offering locally sourced, delicious plant-based fare, PLANTA will be Rosemary Square’s only 100% vegan restaurant.

Since 2016, the group’s exceptional plant-based dining experiences have garnered a loyal following and grown to feature six restaurants in Toronto and Miami, including PLANTA, PLANTA Queen, PLANTA Burger and PLANTA Cocina. In November 2020, PLANTA introduced PLANTA at Home, shipping their signature favorites nationwide to both the United States and Canada. Poised for significant growth in the years to come, PLANTA will soon open locations in Bethesda, MD and New York City following its West Palm Beach debut. Each PLANTA experience celebrates the dynamic vibrancy of vegetables, with a focus on a fun, modern approach and a deep commitment to environmental sustainability and ethical producers through food.

“We’re so excited to bring PLANTA to West Palm Beach and continue breaking the mold of the upscale restaurant experience with an entirely plant-based menu,” says Steven Salm, founder & CEO. “Plant-based dining is the future, and PLANTA is leading the charge with our inventive takes on every type of dish you can imagine. Growing our restaurant group while reducing our guest’s carbon footprint is exactly what the world needs right now!”

Co-founder & Executive Chef David Lee cooks up a menu showcasing vibrant ceviches, innovative sushi and expertly crafted pizzas, all with zero animal products. Championing a ‘non-vegan’ approach to plant-based eating, Lee satisfies a wide range of palates and appetites, all while making sure guests can see, taste, and pronounce every organic ingredient that goes into the dish. Highlights from the menu include Coconut Ceviche, Kelp Caesar, Steamed Dumplings, Bang Bang Broccoli, Udon Noodles, Eggplant Lasagna, PLANTA’s signature Burger, a selection of pizzas including the famous Shroomami, Bianca , and more. In addition, PLANTA offers a unique sushi bar experience where customers can order a variety of sushi and nigiri made of plant-based ingredients, such as dehydrated watermelon that acts as fatty tuna, and is sure to play a trick on your mind and senses.

The 200-seat West Palm Beach restaurant continues the light and breezy design established within the PLANTA ethos. Designed by award winning firm iCRAVE, the restaurant’s black and cream tones shine through in the patterned tile and decorative upholstery, while lighter colors are featured throughout the textured plaster walls to create a tiered lighting feature accentuated by the ‘skylights’ to create a beautifully lit space. White oak also plays a dominant role in the form of complementary plank floors and the slatted ceiling that creates a trellis-like feeling. On one side of the dining area, garage-style doors open up to extend the restaurant to the streetside alfresco patio, while along the other side, custom wallcoverings by PLANTA favorite, Candice Kaye, brighten the space. Moving outside, nestled amongst palm trees, the outdoor bar lounge is equipped with wide umbrellas and soft furnishings to create an intimate outdoor setting that is sure to be a hot commodity.

PLANTA at Rosemary Square is the group’s seventh restaurant and first West Palm Beach location following the success of PLANTA Queen Coconut Grove, PLANTA South Beach, PLANTA Yorkville, PLANTA Burger, PLANTA Queen, and PLANTA Cocina in Toronto, with locations in New York City and Bethesda, Maryland coming soon.

The restaurant is located at Rosemary Square — West Palm Beach’s entertainment destination located in the heart of Downtown — and is open daily for lunch and dinner from 11:30am to 10pm. Brunch will be available every Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 4pm. To stay up-to-date on everything going on at PLANTA, follow @planta on Instagram. For more information on reservations, please visit




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